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From Jim Chambers. This lock is carefully assembled from the finest carbon steels available and is heat-treated for long, reliable service. All bearing surfaces are polished. Tumbler axles are lathe-turned to exacting dimensions. All bearing holes are drilled undersize and then reamed for extra smoothness. All locks include a fly in the tumbler for use with set triggers.

During the 1740's, 50's and 60's, locks of this type were made in England and exported to America. These locks were used throughout the Colonies particularly on rifles, fowlers, trade guns, and military-style muskets made in Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. With the start of the Revolutionary War in 1776, the exportation of military items to the Colonies ceased and after the war, when exports resumed, locks of this style were out of vogue in England. Therefore, we can assume that rifles made with this style of lock were probably made prior to the start of the Revolution. Round faced, measures 6" x 1", takes 3/4" flint. Right hand only.

The Colonial Virginia Flintlock was copied from the lock on the rifle pictured on page 521 of Rifles of Colonial America, Vol. II. The rifle is now in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.