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 This easy to use ratcheting nipple wrench is heavy duty  with an American Made ratchet. The custom made ratchet head made with hardened steel that fits #11 nipples on  muzzle loading rifles, musket nipples or pistol nipples. Tapered fit, standard 1/4" hex, interchangeable heads. Don't be afraid to push hard on the head to keep it in the handle. It will stay since it is tapered. Works for removal or installation. From Ted Cash Manufacturing.  #11 Nipple No. 20601, Musket Nipple No. 20602, Pistol Nipple No. 20603

The hardened heads are available separately so you only need one handle to remove any of your black powder nipples.
Head only: #11 Nipple No. 20604, Musket Nipple No. 20605, Pistol Nipple No. 20606
Tag: RATCHETING NIPPLE WRENCH for #11, Musket or Pistol nipples