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Of all the musical instruments in the world, probably none is loved so much by so many as the harmonica. The harmonica, as we know it today, was invented in 1821 by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann, a 16-year old German clockmaker. Matthias Hohner founded his firm in 1857, and from the beginning the United States was a major market for his product. The instrument was spread by American peddlers, soldiers and immigrants. In the mid-1800's, cowboys played their harmonicas to calm restless  herds, soothe their horses and to keep themselves company on the long trails west. By the time of the Civil War, a great many soldiers, North and South, had a harmonica in their pocket. The portability and ruggedness of the harmonica made it a perfect companion for the rigors of life in the new American nation.  4" long, comes with instructions. (No. 83302)