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FRONTIERSMAN, Daniel Boone and the Making of America
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by Meredith Mason Brown. Soft bound, 375 pages, 6-1/2" x 9-1/2". Brown traces Boone's life from his Pennsylvania childhood to his experiences in the militia and his rise to an unexcelled woodsman, explorer, and back country leader. In the process we meet the authentic Boone: he didn't wear coonskin caps; he read and wrote better than most frontiersmen; he was not the first to settle Kentucky; he took no pleasure in killing Indians. At once a loaner and a leader, a Quaker who became a skilled frontier fighter, Boone is a study in contradictions. The author lays to rest many of the myths surrounding Boone in this well researched, well written text. Includes extensive end notes, biographical material and index.  No. 703169

Tag: FRONTIERSMAN, Daniel Boone and the Making of America