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by William M. Darlington. Softbound, 299 pages, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2". Between 1750 and 1753 Gist, an agent of the Ohio Company of Virginia, explored the greater portion of the region now included within the states of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, and parts of western Maryland and southwest Pennsylvania. These remarkable journals contain descriptions of lands, friendly and hostile Indians, Indian customs, French settlements and forts, English settlements, and interesting events that occured on the trail. Additionally, this book contains biographical sketches of Gist and many interpreters and traders such as Andrew Montour and the Montour family, George Crogan, Thomas Cresap, the Indian Guyasuta, General James Grant, Conrad Weiser and others. Of special interest is Robert Orme's letter to Gov. Dinwiddie, describing the horror of Braddock's defeat. An indispensable resource for colonial histoey scholars and for living historians interested in pre-Revolutionary America.